Mock Jury Application

Hear about lawsuit and give opinion. We routinely (but with no predictable schedule) recruit jurors for mock trial projects in different areas of the country. You have to live in the proper jurisdiction of where the case takes place for us to be able to use you for a certain case.  Some projects are "in person" and others are on-line. They typically require 8 hours of work and the pay is usually approximately $20 per hour.
Please fill out computer application completely so you can be considered for the project. Thanks!

Street Address:
Note: we want the COUNTY you live in.
Marital Status:
Day Phone:
Evening Phone:
When is the best time to reach you?
Email Address:
Employment Status:
Do you have any technical or educational degrees beyond high school?
If yes, what was/is your area of study?
Do you have any children?
If yes how many?
What are their ages?
Do you have any conditions that would make it difficult for you to sit for several hours and answer written questionnaires?