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Jury Selection

Jury selection is one of the most important aspects of trial and, yet too many lawyers show up unprepared. They either believe it’s okay to wing it, or give up in advance, having no faith in themselves or the process. This is despite knowing that cases can be won or lost with just one wrong decision.

We are here to change that. With our assistance, you will show up prepared; ready, willing and able to ask good questions, and effective follow-up, which will allow you to exercise your peremptories wisely, and expand the number of jurors excused for cause.

We can help you experience meaningful voir dire with our behind-the-scenes assistance, or we can be shoulder-to-shoulder in the courtroom, helping you quickly assess all of the available information so you can make quick strategic decisions.

If you are tired of questions that garner only silence, and analyzing people with nothing better than a stereotype, see if we can help you reach higher ground. 

Juror Questionnaires
We can also assist you in that special case where a written juror questionnaire is needed. The questionnaires we craft don’t take up extra court time or ask way too many questions that lead you nowhere. Our approach always increases efficiency, while allowing lawyers (and the judge) to know vastly more about each juror without the need for much follow-up. In fact, if you get to experience this yourself, you will see that you will get a true feel for a juror before you even lay eyes on him or her.

In Court Assistance
In most jurisdictions, jury selection is extremely fast-paced. Our ability to quickly hone in on jurors’ subtleties gives attorneys another perspective that helps them gain a deeper understanding of jurors' values, motivations, and decision-making processes.

Social Media Research
It is becoming routine for lawyers to research jurors’ social media profiles during jury selection. In many cases, lawyers get the jury selection lists in advance. Our investigators can cull through those lists so that you aren’t learning this information on the very day of jury selection. If you have no choice but to learn it on the very day of jury selection, it’s best when someone (other than you!) is obtaining that information quickly and expertly, so it can be one more piece of information to factor into the whole.


The judge thought the surveys were very powerful---and we ultimately gave some of your material to the defendants---I felt the product was extremely valuable—and I hope we get to work together again—
We will keep you apprised of the remaining litigation---I’m sure [my partner] will offer his own insights---but I’m becoming a believer after all of these years of thinking I already knew everything there was to know. Best Wishes
Attorney Bruce Klores, Bruce J. Klores & Associates

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