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I used Carolyn Koch from Jury Solutions LLC for an on-line focus group and she did an excellent job. The audio clips of her debrief of the focus group jurors were instrumental in getting the case settled.
Attorney Shep Williams, Williams Legal Group, Washington, D.C.

I write to let you know how helpful your recent juror survey was for our client. We thought we had a good sex harassment case, but as you know we were concerned about possible adverse juror reactions to some aspects of our case. Our client gave a green light to the juror survey just a week prior to a scheduled settlement conference with hopes that it might guide our settlement position. You were able to turn it around very quickly and provide complete results with days to spare in advance of the mediation. To enter settlement discussions with knowledge of our likely juror verdict and approximate case value gave us a very high level of confidence in our settlement position. In fact, we used the survey results effectively during the mediation and it helped drive the discussion into very positive territory. We settled the case and the client is thrilled. I think your juror survey played a huge role in enabling us to achieve the great result we did.
Attorney Jonathan C. Puth, CORREIA & PUTH, PLLC

Carolyn provided on point and instructive insight into the minds of the potential jurors. I occasionally found myself veering away from her concentrated focus and would call to discuss my ideas. She was able to talk through the good ones and explain why the others were counterproductive. I thought of her then and even more so after the verdict that she was my “case therapist”. With her input I remained confident and focused in the trial. The verdict reflected her work on me, and the case. I was more than thrilled to have her support.
Bruce L. Elstein, partner, Goldman Gruder & Woods, LLC, whose above testimonial derives from his work on a precedent-setting HIPAA case (Bryne vs. Avery Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology, P.C.) that took 12 years to get to a jury.

Jury Solutions recently conducted an online focus group (jury survey) for a trial in an employment discrimination/retaliation case. Carolyn had a terrific way of connecting with mock jurors to get valuable information on how they perceived the case and the parties. The most important lesson we learned from the survey was that the mock jurors were willing to reject the plaintiff’s case without rejecting the plaintiff personally. This information really helped shaped my cross examination of the plaintiff. At the end of the trial, the real jurors were just like the mock jurors. Thank you, Carolyn!
Attorney Giovanna Weller, partner and co-leader of Carmody Torrance Sandak & Hennessey’s Litigation Group.

Carolyn: Having had lack-luster experience with other jury consultants, I was very impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of your operation.  You did an exceptional job in ensuring the validity of the research outcomes through juror pre-screening and careful attention to the completeness of the presentations.  Very well done.
Attorney John Connell, Partner, Archer & Greiner, P.C.

I second Bruce’s thoughts.  Your instincts were right: [The survey results] did not appear to motivate the defendants but it did seem to give the mediator confidence that the numbers we were discussing were reasonable.  And I think that went a long way. It was great working with you and hope we can do so soon again.


Attorney Scott Perry, Bruce J. Klores & Associates

The judge thought the surveys were very powerful---and we ultimately gave some of your material to the defendants---I felt the product was extremely valuable—and I hope we get to work together again—
We will keep you apprised of the remaining litigation---I’m sure [my partner] will offer his own insights---but I’m becoming a believer after all of these years of thinking I already knew everything there was to know. Best Wishes
Attorney Bruce Klores, Bruce J. Klores & Associates

“I highly recommend Jury Solutions for any type of jury trial.” They gave us “a work product of the highest caliber at a cost that was extremely reasonable and well worth it.” Carolyn Koch “did a terrific job developing our opponents arguments.” “The focus group results gave our client the confidence to go to trial which ultimately resulted in a very favorable settlement. Our client was extremely pleased with the outcome.”
Deborah Etlinger, Partner, Wolf, Horowitz & Etlinger, LLC

“Carolyn’s insights and recommendations are invaluable. In addition to being a top notch jury consultant, Carolyn is an attorney and is well versed in the legal issues a litigator must confront at trial. In one case, feedback we received from Carolyn convinced us to present two controversial pieces of evidence at trial which we initially had virtually no intention of using. We received a substantial verdict in that case - and the jurors we spoke to after the trial told us that the two pieces of evidence were among the most important items they considered during their deliberations. We give Jury Solutions our highest possible recommendation.”
Debra S. Katz, Partner, Katz, Marshall & Banks, PLLC

"I highly recommend Carolyn to anyone facing a jury trial. She has a remarkable ability to cut through side issues in any case and highlight the ones a jury will consider important. I would not consider trying a case of any significance without consulting her first. Her insights during jury selection in two recent jury trials were invaluable to me."
Jeff Bagnell, Partner, Lucas Bagnell LLC

"In many of our cases, Jury Solutions’ EarlyJury attitude surveys have been critical to us in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of our claim before we file suit, and for making the most persuasive presentation possible to opposing counsel in settlement discussions and mediation. Reviewing the unbiased view of individuals from the community, selected by an experienced jury consultant, has truly been a valuable tool for case assessment, settlement discussions, and litigation strategy in our most difficult cases. In addition, Carolyn Koch is a pleasure to work with and brings a unique level of knowledge and experience to each project. I cannot recommend Carolyn and Jury Solutions highly enough."
Lisa Banks, Partner, Katz, Marshall & Banks, LLP

"Dear Carolyn, just a brief note to express our sincere appreciation for helping us achieve the nearly $11 million verdict in Nick's case. You were the first person we wanted to tell about the verdict because we felt you played such a great part in our success. Your expert guidance while selecting the jury, your perceptive recommendations during our pre-trial preparation and your all-around 'good counsel' were invaluable. Pat and I made a decision a long time ago never to go to trial without you by our side! Thanks again for everything!"
Susan B. Fellman Esq. and Patricia Breuninger, Esq., Breuninger & Fellman, Scotch Plains, NJ

"I want to thank you for the outstanding work that you did. Your focus group was a great aid to us in determining our continuing strategy. Ultimately, this case is resolved and we have been informed that this has been the most successful resolution of a capital case to date, since the reinstatement of the death penalty in Connecticut. Thank you for helping us gain a true insight into this case."
Richard T. Meehan, Jr., Partner, Meehan, Meehan & Gavin

"Thank you for recommending that we do a discovery focus group for a recent case. It provided me with an excellent tool for pre-deposition preparation. I've been trying cases for 30 years and have always seen the benefits of mock trials for my most important cases but this was the first time I tested out my case before discovery. It was a terrific early reality test, revealing key themes and providing clear feedback on the comparative strength of the evidence. I found it to be a time and cost-efficient way to harvest critical information (i.e., what jurors need to know to favor my client) at a time in which it can be most useful."
Joseph D. Garrison, Partner, Garrison, Levin-Epstein, Fitzgerald & Pirroti, P.C.

"Carolyn's and the jury focus group's reactions are invaluable for both evaluating and preparing a case for trial. Additionally, her extensive experience plus her 'call it as she sees it' approach makes her recommendations so reliable that you can take them to the bank."
Jon Green, Partner, Green, Savits & Lenzo LLC

“I have again read the report that you submitted based on the focus groups we conducted. I have been involved in a number of pretrial exercises such as this, but your conclusions and suggestions are by far the most helpful and practical. Many thanks in helping us prepare to present the most effective defense for our clients.”
Henry W. Ewalt, Partner, Pepper Hamilton, LLP

"I have had the opportunity to work with Carolyn in a mock jury setting. As trial lawyers, we constantly must evaluate and re-evaluate our cases. The information gained from her diligent efforts is invaluable. Additionally, as Chair of the Connecticut Bar Association's Labor and Employment Secion, I invited Carolyn to speak to our section, comprised of both attorneys on the plaintiff's bar, the defense bar and neutrals. After her spirited and dynamic presentation, we all walked away thinking how our cases could benefit by her intervention, such as what pieces of information would be persuasive to the person on the street, at the start of litigation."
Attorney Mickey Busca, Busca Law Firm LLC, 2007 Chair of the Connecticut Bar Association's Labor and Employment Section

"Carolyn Koch has brilliant insights about cases and a very practical, down-to-earth approach about figuring out what is likely to be on the minds of jurors when you try your case.”
Patrick Malone, Patrick Malone & Associates, P.C.

“Carolyn Koch brings to the table keen intellect and insight, helping to foster an approach to mock jury evaluation that is realistic - there’s no sugar coating of information.”
Stewart Casper, Partner, Casper & De Toledo

"Thanks for your help with our focus group. You saved us. Given the mock jury's strong sympathy for our opponent, we were able to settle by accepting a much-improved offer. More money and a happy client - that is what counts. I hope to use you again in the future."
Robert Lynott, Partner, Thomas & Libowitz, PA

“Carolyn Koch and her staff at Jury Solutions were wonderful to work with. I had a very complex commercial dispute involving a substantial seven figure claim, and, with her help we were able to identify the key issues that ultimately were dispositive to a jury. Like many trial lawyers, I have a unique style of both preparation and presentation, and she was flexible enough to accommodate both. She provided us with a broad, representative mock jury and her analysis, after the mock presentation was concluded was prompt and thorough. I would not hesitate to use Jury Solutions again and recommend her to anyone with a complex case who seeks the benefit of a mock jury before trial."
Christopher A. Duggan, Partner, Smith Duggan, LLP

"I want to express our collective appreciation for your efforts with the mock trial. My partners and I were all up to our necks in preparing for the actual proceedings and had to rely on you and your colleagues to an extent that was beyond that to which I am sure you were accustomed. The fact that you were able to assemble the jury and make the necessary arrangements on such short notice was a remarkable achievement."
B. Michael Schestopol, Partner, Oles, Morrison, Rinker & Baker, LLP, Seattle, WA

"Carolyn Koch and Jury Solutions have given us and our clients timely and sage advice based on mock trials. There are at least two advantages to Carolyn. Her approach is highly personal. She doesn't delegate important tasks. She learns the facts and the law of the case. Then she works with counsel to draft descriptions for presentations to the jury panels. She takes charge and makes sure of the details. She does not allow the lawyers to "wing it." (We used as many as five panels over a weekend in a single case). Carolyn impresses the most sophisticated and demanding clients (and their in-house counsel and executives) with her energy and organization. Clients who have not used mock trials are often skeptical, and have to be persuaded. They are converted when the results are in. I do not hesitate to recommend Jury Solutions when the case justifies using a mock trial."
Eric Lukingbeal, Partner, Robinson & Cole, LLP

"Your Attitude Surveys were very helpful both in providing ammunition during settlement discussions and providing me with a very quick and economical view of the case from a lay-person's perspective. It definitely helped me to focus on certain issues and juror attitudes that I had not previously focused on. This was critically important in preparing the case for trial and voir dire, and especially in obtaining a great settlement for my client. "
Lewis Chimes, Partner, Law Office of Lewis Chimes, LLC

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