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Why Early Jury
The EarlyJury process includes a number of impressive and unique steps that are based upon science and legal experience to ensure you will receive information that will help you develop and implement winning strategies
  • We select jurors for your case
    The mock jurors that EarlyJury selects for your case are professionally recruited and screened. We’ve been recruiting mock jurors for years. Our jurors are not pulled from pre-existing pools of people who were interviewed months or years earlier when they signed up anonymously to participate in multiple market research studies.
  • We talk to the mock jurors
    The Internet is a great tool, in fact we use it to gather preliminary information on our jurors. However, as part of the EarlyJury process every potential juror must be “voir dired” by phone before they can participate. We do this because important lawsuits are not decided by random people from the internet. They are decided by citizens who are questioned under oath, in a court of law. Talking to directly to potential jurors allows us to validate the information they provided via the Internet; reinforce the confidentiality and probe for any reasons why this person would be ineligible for your case.
  • We use dedicated staff
    Anybody who will work on your case is an employee who is directly supervised by a bar-admitted attorney who understands the criteria for jury duty in a particular case. Ask our competitors how they get jurors. Most consultants rely on market researchers who are making calls about pizza one minute, a telephone company then next and then your case. The EarlyJury staff only tests out lawsuits. We will be completely familiar with your case because we are completely dedicated to jury research.
  • We vet the jurors; just like you would
    We question each potential juror about specific factors such as type of employment and prior involvement in similar cases that would make them ineligible to participate on the jury for this case. When a potential juror pauses after a key question is asked, we know how to probe and we don’t hesitate to disqualify inappropriate people. Our approach is simple: If the juror isn't eligible to be on the real jury, then they don't belong on an EarlyJury.
  • We use online surveys and personal follow-up
    A unique feature of the EarlyJury process is that after reviewing the mock jurors survey answers we conduct follow-up interviews with the jurors. This provides quality control as we can eliminate any juror that did not completely review the case. But even more importantly this allows us to further probe with open-ended questions to ensure we get maximum insight from the jurors. These valuable insights will help you to evaluate your position and save time and money by directing a more focused settlement, discovery and trial strategy.
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